Lovie Dovie


When we were deciding on what delightful products we could offer to go along with our blankets the idea of a smaller "lovie" came to everyone's mind. The challenge, of course, is how to make ours unique and useful. We thought the reason our blankets were special was because of the incredible softness and the nifty tie dye design. (Fun fact: the tie dye and bright colors allows you to find it very quickly in the middle of the night when your baby is screaming/spitting up/needs a blanket! Cool bonus!)

When my son was little, the one thing that really disgusted me was the inability to wash a lovie. Have you seen where those things go?!? Oh man they are gross! So, we decided that no matter what, our lovies would be washable... and multifunctional.

The wooden ring is 100% chemical free, grown and made in the USA. The ring can removed for safe washing and once your baby outgrows the ring, the fabric can be used for about a million different things! A doll bed, head scarf, dog scarf, neck scarf... ok so maybe you just get a really nifty scarf. The ring has many uses also! It can be used as a napkin ring, statement necklace piece, used to draw a perfect circle (assuming your sweet baby didn't gnaw chunks out of it.... like my son did with his crib...), or a circus circle for your small pets/insects you find at the park to jump through!

Finally, Lovie Dovie is a weird name to call something... I mean here we are adult people saying Lovie Dovie like it's a thing... but there is a story (there always is...). Our fearless Queen, Pinky is from Mumbai and has the BEST accent. Without thinking she always says Lovie Dovie and it was so heartwarming we decided to call it that just to hear her say it!   

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