Retired Blankets

Austin Tie Dye Co has a constantly changing inventory of solid, tie dye, and print blankets. As each print is sold out we choose not to have a second run but retire them and move onto something fun! This way there is always something new and fun happening at Austin Tie Dye Co. While these blankets are no longer available, if you have one you can find out more about your blanket's background in this section! Each blanket is at least touched and packaged by hand and at most dyed completely by hand! Do you have a blanket from this list? congratulations! You have an important piece of Austin Tie Dye Co history and your stories have become part of our legacy. Would you like to share your memories with your blanket? Please email us with pictures and we will add them to the descriptions on our retired blankets! 


You and your family are what keeps us going! ~Becca 

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