Austin Tie Dye Co.


Austin Tie Dye Co. started in the garage of founder Becca Roberie's home in 2013 after being unable to find work in her field of criminology. Over the years the company has grown and expanded in a way that is still unbelievable.


April 23, 2015 Austin Tie Dye Co appeared in an online article in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Nursing photo seen in Cosmo Online

Kindered Photographer, an amazing artist in Dallas, TX, was featured in Cosmo online. Our Indigo blanket appeared in this photo marking the first time Austin Tie Dye was ever seen out in the wild.


May 9, 2016 Austin Tie Dye Co. made our first television appearance on Studio 512  

We were able to do a small demo of our dye process. It was very cool to be apart of this and show Austin how many of our blankets are hand dyed. We were invited back on February 1, 2017 to explain the indigo process and talk a little more about how we got started and what we do!



November 7, 2016 Cover of Baby and Maternity Retailer Wish List


From time to time we receive some very interesting requests, and accepting these challenges keeps our daily work interesting and pushes the boundaries of what we can offer. Spring of 2016 was no different when it came to an odd request, and of course we jumped at the chance!


Star of Texas Casket Company contacted us about creating a lining for a show piece in the 131st annual Texas Funeral Director's conference and trade show. Needless to say, this was a show stopper and we couldn't be more proud! We even appeared in the Austin American Statesman June 7, 2017.