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Over the years we have caught the attention of and been reviewed by some awesome bloggers! Here are some of the awesome things people have said!


June 27, 2017 -Southern Momma's

"When you cross over the threshold into parenthood, it’s certainly easy to lose your identity and fall prey to the pressures of society, parenting “experts,” your friends…anyone or anything that makes you feel like you have to be perfect, your house is always clean and your kids are clothed in gender appropriate pinks and blues.


Well, Austin Tie Dye Co. says, to hell with that! No judgments – you want to wrap your baby in a groovy, rocker tie dye blankie? Go for it. You want to share with us about how our bamboo swaddle also doubled as the net that caught your kid’s projectile vomit? Cool, we’re all ears. Love yourself enough not to lose yourself when you become Mom or Dad, so treat you and those messy, beautiful babies to true comfort, original style and a little bit of funk! ..."




February 14, 2016 - Giveaway Guy

"... You'll love these blankets and how they're made. Austin Tie Dye's swaddle blankets are soft, warm, and your child will be swaddling and snuggling before you know it. If it were sized for adults, I'd probably be sleeping with it. ..."



February 25, 2015 - Momma's Bacon

"One of the coolest things I get to experience as a reviewer is when companies follow-up with me and thank me for my review.  I recently got a really awesome message from Becca,  the founder and owner of the Austin Tie Dye Co, and had to share.  See, back in December 2013, I did a review of her very new start-up on her tie-dye kid’s tees and produce bags and was really impressed by her one-of-a-kind products with a personal touch that is uniquely AUSTIN.  AND – Guess what?  Since then her company has expanded and keeps growing and growing (Austin Tie Dye Co products are now being sold in SEVEN states!) and she sells all kinds of new products including the very soft, large and multi-purpose bamboo swaddle blankets.  Of course, I wanted to do an update review!  How often do you get to say that in some very small way, you contribute to the success of a wonderful local company that loves to do special requests? ..."

-Momma's Bacon


July 22, 2013 - Nifty Thrifty Mommy

"... Little Sister C was super excited & couldn’t wait to try on her new shirts, they look great on both kids, I’m a little jealous that I don’t have one! The shirts are so much fun & not one is like the other, the patterns are amazing & I think these are shirts I will save for a fun craft/keepsake once they have out grown them! ..."



July 9, 2013 - Austin Mom's Blog

"... Have you ever been in the throws of a mommy meltdown, where the dogs are barking, phone is ringing, somehow the doorbell, microwave, and oven are all going off at the same time, and the baby is spitting up… and you can’t find your burp cloth? Well Austin Tie Dye Co. can help with that last one! ..."