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Caffeinated Sloth!

Caffeinated Sloth designs are the printed verses dyed blankets you love from Austin Tie Dye Co. You may be wondering why the new name, what are these funky designs, and what makes these so special. Well, my friend, I'm glad you asked!!


What's With the Name?

Caffeinated Sloth is just that: silly and fun. Throughout my time in Costa Rica I gained a love and respect for sloths. Thinking about one who has had coffee just makes me giggle! We chose to create a new brand in order to be less confusing. Since we aren't dyeing these it wouldn't be fair to call them tie dyed. You will start seeing more than blankets coming out of this brand, so Be on the look out!


Ok... The Designs?

 I have never felt connected with the traditional "baby items." I decided that I have had enough so I took matters into my own hands and decided to take a hard left turn from the status quo. Babies don't care what they are snuggled in, as long as they are snuggled! I figured... lets have some fun. Why not have zombies, mustaches, Shakespearian insults, and other odd ball things! This might help the transition into parenthood a little easier for some!


What Makes These Worth My Hard Earned Money?

I make sure all our products are the best they can be. We have gained a reputation for being the softest blankets on the market... and these are no different. You see, the design ins actually dyed into the blanket which means they are not stiff! the are the same buttery soft blankets that you are used to, but with fun and funky designs! They are just awesome!



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